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DeshiTV BOOKING COVERAGE TERMS & CONDITIONS - Please click the Right Arrow to SHOW
DeshiTV Coverage Terms & Conditions
  Any organizer or individual (hereinafter referred to as the "Event Organizer") who has an interest to engage DeshiTV for talking the news/video coverage for their event or cultural show, hereby agrees DeshiTV's coverage rules & conditions as mentioned below if they agree to accept DeshiTV as a Media Partner for the event or Cultural show.

For any reason, if they do not accept DeshiTV as their Media Partner but want to shoot the news/video coverage for the event or cultural show by the DeshiTV, then they agrees to make the payment of CAD 300.00 to DeshiTV for this coverage fees before the shooting and discard the following terms & conditions.
Event Organizer agrees that DeshiTV is the Media Partner for their event or Cultural show which they are planning to organize.
Event Organizer agree to place or display DeshiTV's Logo as Media Partner at the Event stage together with all Banner, Poster, Invitation Card, Event magazine and all other relevant campaign communication when released or published.
DeshiTV will cover the news of the event and telecast this event coverage full or portion through its 24-hour TV Channel based on the captured or received footage.
DeshiTV will not take responsibility of any kind of illegal activities performed at the event.
Event Organizer cannot insist DeshiTV to cover any unethical, corrupt, unscrupulous, disreputable news that can hamper DeshiTV's reputation and/or place against our community or country.
DeshiTV will telecast any promotional campaign video or TVC of the event provided by the Event Organizer prior to the event date if required.
Event Organizer agrees to provide the DeshiTV an audio output connection as per the DeshiTV’s technical specification from the sound system when DeshiTV crew arrived in the event premises.
Event Organizer agrees to provide 3 or 4 Courtesy Event gate passes for the DeshiTV Crews one week prior to the Event date.
Event Organizer agrees to provide a Media Parking Spot for the DeshiTV News-Press Vehicle when they arrive at the Event premises. Also agrees to help DeshiTV Crew for unloading/loading all the camera gears and equipments from the vehicle if requested.
Have you read the above stated Coverage Terms & Conditions?
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otherwise click the Disagree button.
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